They dare to tweet and we respect them for it.

A special thanks to the Redbridge Councillors that dare to tweet Part 1! @RedbridgeBlue @CllrIanBond @wesstreeting @jonesbert #Redbridge #FF

A special thanks to the Redbridge Councillors that dare to tweet Part 2! @azizchoudhury @DebbieThiara @Jas_Athwal @Andywalker1945 #Redbridge #FF


We tweeted these two messages last month and we really are grateful that we have Councillors from all parties that are willing to reach out to the on-line community.  Redbridge Council has to ensure that every community from a race or faith group, young or old, or other groups can access the democracy of the borough.  The online community is no different and if anything will give access to groups that have been missed in the past.

We admire and thank these Councillors that open up Redbridge to a whole new generation of people with their tweets and hope we can support you to make Redbridge even better for all.

The Chief Executive and the Chief ICT Officer for Redbridge have given us the great start of Redbridge i, and our tweeting Councillors can build upon that foundation and make Redbridge the technology hub for the UK.  We will start by doing our little part in bringing the best of tech to Redbridge so watch this space.


and for those Councillors want to start tweeting please take a look at this great introduction:

Connected councillors : A guide to using social media to support local leadership

A Council guide for Social Media can be found here:




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